Shea Moisture SuperFruit 10-in-1 Complex Renewal System

With the changing of seasons, there are lots of environmental stresses that can impact your hair. The colder temperatures, winds, natural fiber sweaters and outerwear, and dry gas-powered heat can all suck the moisture out of your hair and cause breakage. These were my issues until I hit the reset button and gave my hair the nourishment it was crazing using Shea moisture’s Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System.

This treatment system contains powerful antioxidant properties that support and protect aging hair for the effect of UV exposure and other environmental aggressors. It also contains nourishing oils hydrate and smooth coarse hair.

I first started with the Serum ($10.99) as a pre-poo oil treatment to help soften and detangle the hair. using the Serum.

After letting it sit for an hour under a plastic cap, I removed and washed as  I normally do with the SuperFruit Shampoo ($10.99) and Conditioner ($10.99). There wasn’t a great amount of slip in this conditioner, so I had to comb it through to distribute evenly.

Once I rinsed out the conditioner, my hair was completely hydrated, detangled, and shiny. I continued my treatment with the SuperFruit Masque ($12.99).

I used the same plastic cap, and sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes before rinsing out. I let my hair air dry without adding product so I can gauge how hydrated my strands were.

I was definitely pleased to see that each one of my strands were hydrated with a clearly defined curl pattern. Although pleased with the results, my only wish is that there were styling products in the line. I have found results are often best when you stick to the same formulations of products from washing to styling, so I used styling products from the Shea Moisture Restorative Collection to complete my styling.

If you need to reset your hair, this system may be a good option for you to try. You can find the complete collection at Ulta and Target stores nationwide, or on