NuBells by NuFit Corp

I like to think of myself as a gym rat, but I often dread going to the free weight area. Outside of being the only woman there most times, I have been suffering from a recurring shoulder injury and wrist pains that have been making gripping the weights a little bit more difficult as of late.

Today I found myself browsing the Instagram popular page and came across a very interesting set of what I presumed to be dumbells, and immediately started researching. I was half wrong, because I quickly learned that what I was looking at was a set of the innovative and game changing Nubells from Nufit Corp.

The NuBells are a patented product in over 19 countries, and aim to change the fitness market. With its comfortable grip, multitude of colors and unique design, Nubells are ergonomic and eco-friendly to give you the best experience wherever your workouts take you.

The comfort grip and eco-friendly rubber decreases discomfort in shoulders and wrists. Available in 1 to 100 lbs in colors green, orange, yellow, pink, and gray, they add a fashionable element to your workout, and are available individually and in sets. There’s even a Physical Therapy set for those recovering from injuries.

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on a set of the Nubells. I know my shoulders and wrists will love me for it.

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