ICU Reading Glasses

Photography by Anthony Blue Jr.

When you hear “Reading Glasses,” your mind probably goes to the same place mine does and I see a practical pair of basic frames hanging on a metal chain around the neck or on the very edge of my Grandmother’s nose.

Luckily, not all reading glasses are made equally, and ICU eyewear is modernizing the classic accessory and making them more youthful and fashion-forward.

ICU has created over 200 styles of men’s and women’s reading and sunglasses at affordable prices. A pioneer in the eyewear industry, they were the first to develop and implement a manufacturing process for eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo. The reading glasses ensure your first impression reflects your signature style. A highly-curated collection of eyewear provides a wardrobe of options for every mood, occasion, and season. Discover thoughtful details inspired by global fashion: on-trend patterns, variety of shapes, artful etching, brilliant crystals, and even eco-friendly options.
Choose soft tones which echo elegant Parisian style or pop brights with Italian vibrancy—or both! From classic to contemporary, architectural to opulent, and romantic to bold, each pair tells a story; and for the affordable prices of $20 to $30.

To see the entire ICU men’s and women’s collections, and to learn where you can purchase  the sustainable eyewear, visit