Curtsy and Bow Organic Nail Lacquer Shell We Dance

Curtsy & Bow launched in the summer of 2011. It is an Organic Nail Protector that strengthens nails using a mineral based chemistry, which formulates a coating that protects nails from peeling or weakening. Curtsy & Bow is the only Organic Nail Protector that has strengthening additives which not only protect your nails but also protects your health and the earth from harsh chemicals.

The creamy sherbet like Shell We Dance by Curtsy & Bow is fun and bright without being overbearing. Best of all, it is organic 4-free, and long wear. I got 5 days before seeing a single chip, and I did them myself! A very rare occurrence.


Once my nails began to chip, I decided to add a glitter gradient to extend my manicure.

I used Curtsy & Bow’s Supernova Girl 3D mirror glitter to add the glitz I was craving.

Each lacquer from the Curtsy & Bow Yacht Club Collection from is available for $10 on